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Twin City Nissan

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Alcoa, TN 37701-3201

(865) 970-4132

Al Barber: Finance Manager


This is to just inform all that this email is being sent too that when I contacted the Twin City Nissan Finance Dept. about Alcoa Federal Credit Union handling the financing on my 2010 370Z that I purchased on 7/24/2010, I was told that financing was already approved by Fifth Third Bank. I contacted Fifth Third Bank personally today before 5:00pm and after being told by 3 different Operators in 3 different Departments that I did not have an account with Fifth Third I asked them to check for any Pending Loans in my Name.

I informed them I had contacted Twin City Nissan to inform them I had received a letter from Suntrust Bank refusing my loan application and that I had contacted Erin Hill at ALCOA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION and that I was pre-approved and the money was waiting to be sent but they would need a Bill for the automobile.

When I contacted the Finance Dept. at Twin City Nissan again, I again was told that the loan was already approved and financing was taken care of by Fifth Third Bank. This is what prompted me to contact Fifth Third Bank personally and again a second time to verify that there was NO APPROVED LOAN but a pending loan (not approved ) in my name.

I am requesting any and all vehicle billing information be sent to the following person at ALCOA Tenn Federal Credit Union.

Erin Hill

Loan Department

Alcoa Tenn Federal Credit Union

"A Place Where You Belong"

PO Box 9001 Alcoa, TN 37701

865-380-6250 Fax (865)977-0253

I am also asking that since I was blatantly lied to more than once about a loan already approved by Fifth Third Bank for this loan and in my name that a written apology be sent to this email address today by the persons that knowingly lied to me and that verification be sent to me that the information I am requesting be sent to the person and Credit Union as I have requested, for the 4th time.

If I need too I can be at Twin City Nissan before 9:00am in the morning of 08/05/2010 and we can contact Fifth Third Bank (1-800-972-3030) together to again verify that there is no open loan but a pending loan application in my name.

DR Massey

Contacted Twin City Nissan to request Car Billing info be faxed to Erin at ATFCU Fax (865)977-0253

ATFCU request I contact

Fifth Third Bank


for Account #

and 10day Payoff amt:

No acct. # found by my SS# and or name, per first operator, to be open in their system!

1st Transferred to Auto Lease

2nd Transferred to Checking and Savings -

Operator - Regine

No Account for my SS# found in the system!

3rd Transferred to Installment Loans -

Operator - Rose

No Account for my SS# found in the system!

Have application on file Pending but no open loans for me of any kind.

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On 08/06/2010 I was working over on a double shift but when I finally got to check my person email I found that at 10:33am the EXECUTIVE MANAGER of T.C.N. had left me an email stating he was concerned with any statements I had made about being lied too "about the financing being approved through 5th 3rd Bank" . He also stated he had "attached the approval we received from 5th 3rd on July 26, which shows the approval of your loan." My response to this was "Why am I just now being shown this for the first time". He again noted that they could get the interest rate down to 3.49%.

Now this would be great if my issue had been anything to gain or benefit financially by somehow manipulating the deal to get a better rate, my issue had nothing to do with the rates or the deal but the fact that when I received the mailing from Suntrust stating my loan was not approved I went to where I knew I could get approved and the money to pay for the vehicle would be gotten to the dealership as quickly as possible. When I brought this back to the Finance Dept. I was told that a loan was already approved and they could not move it. I checked and found there was no load approved but instead a pending application and brought this to their attention to which again I was told the loan was approved without any verification on their end.

The EXECUTIVE MANAGER stated in his email " My bigger concern was trying to gain an understanding of how this issue became so contentious so quickly. In fact, my finance managers should have used your credit union to get a rate reduction from whatever lender we had placed the loan with."

This could be part of my problem since I did not even recommend discuss with them about using ATFCU since I assumed ( and we all know where this gets us ) that they would be able to quickly secure the financing.

My wife and I had discussed paying cash for the vehicle but since it had been years since we had financed anything it may be best to just finance this and make payments. We also discussed that our credit rating may not be the best since we had always paid in cash. This is the reason we feel Suntrust did not give us the credit and we did not ask.

In the end in his email he stated he was "Interviewing my managers who have knowledge of how this unfolded to try and fix any customer service issue I might have. I apologize for any treatment you received that indicated we were not willing to cooperate fully with your desire to change how you were going to finance your purchase."

Which was all good I assume but the last part was all I was asking for to bring peace to this issue. Since we had finally gotten the information to ATFCU to get the application finished on 08/05/2010 and on 08/06/2010 at approximately 2:53pm all the paperwork had been signed and checks cut. The money was now waiting for Mathew to pick up, I told Erin I could deliver it but she just smiled and said they would pick it up.

In the end I got my Vehicle and I made sure T.C.N. got their money for the car. I got an apology and I accepted this apology. I agreed to clarify the ends that came of this and this is what I am doing.

Will I do business again with Twin City Nissan?

Sure if they will accept my business since I have stated from the beginning I have no issues with the sales staff, or the deal that was made for the vehicle or with the vehicle itself. All issues were resolved maybe not in as a timely manner as should have to avoid any conflicts or issues but to the best of the abilities of all involved. I got the Money to Nissan for the Car and I got an apology.

Will things be different the next time?

I think so. Now on their end I cannot say as I have not inquired but I can promise that on my end the next time I will go in with a Check in hand be it either my personal check or from a preapproved vehicle loan from a financial institution.

My recommendations!

1. Deal with T.C.N. in ALCOA Tennessee as well as Twin City's other dealerships.

2. Secure financing prior to starting to look for a new vehicle.(This even applies to me)

3. ASK Questions! If you do not get the answers you need ask them again maybe to a different person.

4. If you feel you have been wronged bring it to someone's attention and from this experience I shows it me be best to just take it higher up.

5. Never let pride stand in the way of an apology or excepting an apology. We are all humans and do make mistakes but sometimes too much pride will prevent us from seeing those and delay what we know we should have done in the first place to make things right!

6. When you go to T.C.N. mention my name and tell them I sent you. Will this get you a better deal? I doubt it but just maybe I can get a free lunch out of them when you buy that new or used vehicle from them!!


Mathew From T.C.N. called me at 2:22pm on 08/05/2010 and asked for the Information as to where the Billing information was to be faxed too as well as asked for the number for the person handling the loan at ATFCU.

He discussed that they could offer me a 3.49% interest rate but, I informed him that it was not about the interest rate it I still felt I had been lied too and even after I had informed the Finance Department of what information I had obtained and shared from 5th 3rd Bank.

I gave Mathew the Information he requested and told him that in my opinion this should have all been taken care of yesterday 08/04/20010. I again let him know I had no issues with the sales staff, the deal we made on the car or even the car itself.

I called Erin at ATFCU at 2:25pm on 08/05/2010 and let her know to expect the information and she emailed me back at 3:45pm to let me know "I received the new deal sheet and everything looks correct".

I returned the email and told her I could come in today and sign the paperwork which replied to she informed me "We close at 4:30 today, but are open until 6:00 tomorrow.". I returned her email to acknowledge I had received that information as well as to supply her with the insurance information she requested.


08/05/2010 10:30am Contact

Fifth Third Bank 1-800-972-3030

Account # None on file

10day Payoff amt:

1st operator : Meg - No Account on Record for this name or SS#

2nd Operator: New Accts: 800-275-4858 - Karen - Application Pending but not approved and no open account. She said she checked to make sure application was not going through and left a message for the department in charge to that effect. If it did to contact the person at the number supplied to rectify.

#800-264-2080 Ask to speak to person In Charge of Financing (Twin City Nissan)

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